• Working with businesses large and small since 2003
  • Founded Words That Begin With You as a content marketing agency in 2011
  • Ongoing partnership with Gorilla Group, a Wunderman Thompson Company (part of the WPP family) since 2014
  • Proficient in B2B and B2C marketing strategy for online or offline execution.
  • Now a communications consultant eager to build long-term relationships with companies focused on growth


I started out as a freelance writer early in the 21st century, and I still do some writing because I just enjoy it a lot. I focused primarily on editorial and advertising copy, press releases, resumes, and the burgeoning world of online copywriting.
Early on I started branching out into what was slowly but surely becoming “content marketing” (insert your favorite buzzwords here.) Learning all I could about search engine optimization, digital marketing, and content strategy, I was able to help a number of clients boost the visibility and effectiveness of their websites.
As time went on, social media became an increasingly powerful aspect of how we communicate and do business, so that was my next area to conquer.
More recently, I’ve added ecommerce and brand messaging to that list of specialties. With this rounded out knowledge base, I found that and communications and marketing consultation fit well in my suite of offerings.
I’ve learned a lot from clients and colleagues, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, too. But, I’ve come out of it all confident in my ability to help your business take the next step. I’d love the opportunity to discuss that with you.