WTBWY TV: How Much? How Soon? How Often?

This is the fourth video in a series on the basics of content marketing.  The transcription is below for those of you who can’t stand looking at my ugly mug for five minutes.



Thanks very much for joining me again, this is Justin P Lambert from Words That Begin With You, Customer-focused Content Marketing.

Now the questions that we’re going to review today are: how much? How soon? and How often?  The reason being that if you’ve done anything at all with content marketing thus far, you’ve probably already realized this, but it takes a lot of content put out there very often in order to put a dent in the huge amount of information that’s already flowing, especially online these days.

So, it takes a certain level of commitment to succeed at content marketing.  It’s not to say that it’s impossible, especially for an individual who’s working on their own.  It’s possible, and actually many people have succeeded very well with content marketing, but it’s definitely not an overnight success.  It’s something that takes time and commitment.

The Content Marketing Hurricane

This is an analogy that I like to use.  I actually did a blog post about it not too long ago.  I call it a content marketing hurricane.  The reason I call it that is if you think about the way a hurricane develops, it begins way off in the ocean where no one lives.  Nobody notices this happening except maybe those few weathermen who’s job is to keep their eye on this sort of thing, and it’s just basically a thunderstorm.  It’s just a little bit of a storm.  But it’s in the right conditions where it begins to build.

Now, as these conditions coalesce and as the wind and the temperature and the amount of moisture that it’s picking up, it might be upgraded to what’s called a tropical depression.  Then, the meteorologists, the weathermen, are starting to take notice of this, they’re keeping their eye on it, but it doesn’t amount to much just yet.  People on the mainland certainly don’t care about it.

But then, it begins picking up a little more steam.  Some more wind, some more moisture are added, and suddenly it’s a tropical storm with winds somewhere in the 30’s or 40 miles per hour.  Now, at this point, people do start taking notice.

Nobody’s leaving their homes, nobody’s boarding things up, nobody’s considering moving things up out of the way of the storm, but they’re keeping their eye on it.  It’s going to be on the news.  And a lot of times, at that point, weathermen are able to predict, if it continues to progress, where approximately it’s going to hit the land.

Then, things continue to progress from there.  There’s yet more wind, more power.  Momentum is being built in this storm.  The wind speeds pick up, and eventually it’s a hurricane.  Now at this point, people definitely are taking notice.  Wherever it is that that storm is expected to hit land, people are leaving their homes in many cases.  People are putting up boards on their windows, they’re taking action, because they know that this is going to be a powerful event.

And when that hurricane hits land, it has a tremendous effect doesn’t it?

See, it’s very similar with content marketing.  When you start doing it, it’s going to be like you’re out in that ocean by yourself.  You’re going to put a few blog posts out there, and you’re going to work your butt off to make them the best they can be, but you’re not going to get a huge response right up front.  You shouldn’t expect that you would.

But as you continue to add to that content that you’re putting out, and you continue to make sure that it’s constantly building momentum, that it’s constantly of such a high quality that people have to start taking notice of it, it’s just like that storm brewing out in the ocean and starting to move toward land.

The more high-quality content you add to that storm, the more momentum it picks up and the more power it has, the more people are going to take notice.   And when you do finally “hit land” so to speak, when your content marketing starts really bringing in results, it’s going to be a powerful effect because all of the momentum of all of the content that you’ve already created is behind that effect that your marketing plan is going to have.

But, the only way that you can continue to build such a strong momentum in your content marketing program is if you continue to add quality content on a consistent basis, and it has to be done strategically.  Now strategy is something that we’re going to discuss in the next video, but for now, just keep in mind as I said before, there is a level of commitment necessary, it’s going to take time, but by all means it’s possible – even likely, if you’re willing to put in that effort – that you’re going to have that tremendous effect with your content marketing program.

I look forward to witnessing that, and I hope you’re enjoying mine as well.  Thanks very much and have a great day.




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