WTBWY TV: How Can You Market With Content?

This is the third in a series of videos covering some of the basics of Content Marketing.  Please let me know what you think in the comments, as I’ve never done this before!



Hey, thanks for joining me again.  This is Justin P Lambert from Words That Begin With You, Customer-focused Content Marketing.

Now, this video’s talking about a pretty broad question and I’m not going to try to cover it completely.  You wouldn’t want to sit here that long, and I wouldn’t either.  But the question is, how do you go about marketing with content?

Probably, you’ve already experienced all manner of content marketing.  You may not realize that that’s what it’s called.  But basically, any time that a company or an individual has a message to share and they do so in an entertaining and engaging way, it’s a form of content marketing.  Especially if it’s done in a strategic way where they’re really focusing on finding their target audience and giving that target audience information that they’re really looking for.

So, you’ve probably experienced it a lot.  And if you’re trying to do it yourself, probably the best and easiest method you can come across is using a blog.  Now why is that one of the best methods of content marketing available to business owners and individuals today?

Well, there are a few reasons:


First of all, it’s cheap.

And by cheap I mean that it’s possible to get started in content marketing, with a blog that is respectable, for free.  And it only takes a few minutes.

I’m not going to go into all the details now, but if you’re not familiar with WordPress, look it up on Google.  You can go to WordPress.com, just pick one of their many templates, and you can start blogging in ten minutes.  And it’s free.

It’s a little more complicated to download wordpress.org software, because you need to have it on your own hosted site, but a lot of bloggers who are putting a lot of effort into content marketing prefer that platform because it gives them a lot more leeway and a lot more opportunity to do things the way that they’d like, to set things up in a customized way.

But again, it’s free.  And if you know what you’re doing, or if you can follow instructions pretty easily, you can be started in an hour or less.


Also, it’s fast.

As I just mentioned, you can get started very quickly.  But even maintaining a blog can be fairly quick. Generally, blog posts are anywhere from 300 to, let’s say, 1000 words.  It’s not long as far as articles go, because most people who go to look at blogs are not expecting to be sitting there reading for a long time.

So as long as you have a grasp of the English language (or whatever language you’re looking to write in,) and you’re able to formulate your thoughts in a logical way and put them out on the screen in a way that people can understand, you should be able to get a blog post done in a very short time.  And publishing it is a click of a button.  And then it’s available for the entire world to see.


A third reason that blogging is so effective for content marketing is that it’s flexible.

Blog software, such as WordPress, can accept regular text articles, or can include videos like the one you’re watching now, it can include podcasts, which is basically audio recordings as if you were listening to someone on the radio, and any number of other combinations of these.

So one blog, which, as I just mentioned, can be quickly put together for free, can include many different types of content.  And all of these different types of content can appeal to different audiences as I discussed in a previous video.


Finally, blogging is powerful.  And by that I mean it provides many of the aspects that content marketing needs to be successful.

For one thing, as I just brought out, it’s very flexible and able to include many different types of content.  Which is important when you’re trying to appeal to your target audience.  Not everybody likes to sit there and read text.  Some people prefer the visual element, such as videos.  Some people prefer to be able to download a podcast to their iPods and listen away from their computer.  And other people do enjoy searching through text itself.

But when you’re writing a blog, or you’re including a video or a podcast, it also has the benefit of being searchable by Google.  As I mentioned in a previous video, Google is the main source for seeking out information these days.  So, if you’re trying to market with content, and you’re doing so in a way that Google isn’t going to find and register on their search engine, you may as well not be doing it because nobody’s going to find it and nobody’s going to care.

But with a blog, it’s actually set up in such a way that Google really likes.  Because it’s constantly updated.  So Google is going to be sending out their robots to your website on a regular basis and if it finds that your site is stagnant, it’s not going to continue to bring it up in search results as quickly.  But with a blog, if you continue to keep it updated on a regular basis, you’re going to find that Google raises its priority in the search results.  Which means, without much more effort on your part than just getting your message out there, you have a better chance of it being seen than someone who is not actively updating their site.  So a blog makes that possible.

Now, I’ve been focusing primarily on blogging because it’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most powerful means of getting into content marketing today.  But of course, there are literally hundreds of other opportunities available to you.  It really takes creativity, and a special effort to think about and identify your target audience and what type of content they’re going to be looking for.

For example, even offline, you’re going to find many opportunities to get involved in content marketing.  Perhaps through writing articles for newspapers, magazines, trade magazines and the like.  You can write a regular column for your local paper if your target audience is reading that paper.

There are other means of audio and video distribution offline you can get involved with as well.  But content marketing today is primarily focused online because, again, that’s where people go first for their information.  So, in that respect, a blog still remains the easiest, fastest, and probably most powerful means of getting your message out there effectively.

If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely do.  And if you want, you can stop by Words That Begin With You at justinplambert.net for an example of what a blog can do because, for the most part, that’s how I market with content: by means of my blog as well as you’ll find some downloadable free reports there as well.

I encourage you to browse around the site, see what there is to see and leave some comments or get in touch with me at the contact page so you can ask any questions you may have.

Thanks again for your time in watching this video, and have a great day.

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