Words That Begin With Other Folks #6

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Welcome back for another installment, my friends!  Here are my picks for the seven coolest content marketing links from the last seven days!  In no particular order, let’s have at it!

Vertical Measure’s “Keep Up With Online Marketing Trends the Smart Way

I loved this quote: “Keeping up with what’s going on in promoting your industry means you don’t fall behind. Keeping ahead means you make the competition look like they’re falling behind.”

Temple Stark then goes on to give a bunch of solid tips about keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry and getting out ahead of it where possible.  This involves knowing the tools, the systems and the trends that are on their way to being huge.  In honor of WTBWY’s Online Video Month, I’ll call out the heading on video that goes right in line with what I’ve been preaching!

SEOMoz’s “5 Link-building Tactics to Improve Your Local Rankings

SEOMoz is always great for in-depth search content, but this article really stood out to me.  I’ve had a few projects lately that have had a local search aspect to them, and I was amazed at how intricate the local SEO rules have become.  This list of five tips to build local links provides a nice little toolbox of opportunities most of your competitors won’t bother to try.

Portent’s “Optimize Your New LinkedIn Company Page in 7 Easy Steps

LinkedIn has proved to be one of my most fertile marketing grounds, so I was definitely intrigued when I heard the Company Pages were being redesigned.  I’m thrilled with how they look, but I was even more thrilled when Portent came out with this simple and straight-forward article that helped me run through optimizing my new page design in a few minutes!  I still have some work I need to do, (specifically in products and services,) but see what you think of mine!

HubSpot’s “How to Convert Casual Blog Visitors into Dedicated Subscribers

The folks at HubSpot are absolute masters at inbound marketing.  Heck, they invented the term, so they ought to be!  This article peels away all the hype and hoopla and leaves you with a really straightforward, cut and dry look at how to do exactly what the title says.  And using their own efforts as a very convincing case study made this one a shoo-in for the top 7!

Copyblogger’s “Why No One Cares What You Think (and How to Stop Being So Freaking Boring!)

Jon Morrow is far and away my favorite blogging voice.  He’s in-your-face, whether he’s discussing blogging or income taxes.  And in this great article, he calls himself out for just that reason: he knows he’s crafted a recognizable blogging voice that’s anything but boring, and he uses that to push the rest of us to follow his lead.  Excellent read and something I know I can learn from.  How about you?

Social Media Today’s “Winnie the Pooh on Social Media

I’ve always been a sucker for a good, solid unexpected juxtaposition.  The title drew me in immediately. And the article, while I can’t sit here with a straight face and tell you it’s educational, it certainly put a smile on my face while reminding me of some vital social media truths.

My personal favorite:

On Blogging
“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.” 

Content Marketing Today’s “How Content Marketing Wins Over Even the Most Brutal Business Buyers

Using a 1958 McGraw-Hill ad as a touchstone, Newt Barrett sings the praises of content marketing as a means of helping the buying public (or the B2B purchaser) know, like and trust you and your company despite decades of ingrained skepticism.  This is my bread and butter, and it’s both humbling and encouraging to see it explained so succinctly.  (Here’s my attempt at succinct.)

That’s it till next Friday!  Stay tuned for more great articles during Online Video Month!

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