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Words That Begin With Other Folks #4


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Welcome back for the fourth installment of Words That Begin With Other Folks!  Here you’ll find seven of the coolest links in the content marketing realm over the past week, in your host’s humble opinion.

As always, use the comments to let me know what I missed!

SEOMoz‘s “How Many SEO Consultants Actually Know What They’re Talking About?

First, this article was cool just because it takes chutzpah to throw it out there that many of your potential clients think you’re a sham.  And it takes even more to admit that those clients are often right.  But, even beyond that, SEOMoz actually went into some undercover black ops to actually find out what the current state of the SEO industry is.  You’ll find it interesting.

Portent’s “How to Optimize Social Networks for Local SEO

This post grabbed me initially with the hilarious opening picture.  But it kept me reading with a killer overview of how a business can go from zero to optimized on the local front.  It covers the basics of getting a brick-and-mortar business up and running on the “Big 5″ social networks, plus Foursquare, all focused on making sure they show up in local search inquiries and the increasingly popular location-based mobile apps.

Function Writing’s “What’s the Point of an Online Content Marketing Plan?

Sometimes, the most basic information can come across in an entirely new way.  I’ve probably read hundreds of these kinds of basic content marketing information pieces, (and written quite a few myself) but the way this post was written really put everything in a new, brighter, light for me.  And, in turn, for my clients.  Check it out and see if it hits you the same way.

Top Rank Blog‘s “Create More Compelling Content, Featuring Rob Yoegel of Monetate

I’m a big fan of Lee Odden’s writing.  He digs deep like Brian Solis without flying over my head like Solis sometimes can.  In this case, Odden brings us a killer interview (actually one in a series of interviews) with a bright star in content marketing, Monetate’s Content Marketing Director, Rob Yoegel.  Rob was a finalist in CMI’s Orange Awards this year for Best Content Marketing Tactician, and this interview lets him really strut his stuff with some big, meaty answers to some solid questions.

B2B Digital’s “No! LinkedIn Just Went Klout On Us!

Eric Wittlake brought to my attention a development I hadn’t even noticed, much less given any thought to.  He’s talking about LinkedIn’s new Endorsements, which essentially adds a layer of social proof to your LinkedIn profile, but without the testimonial-style weight of an old-fashioned Recommendation.  Read Eric’s post and maybe you’ll be as uncomfortable with this idea as I am now.

Marketing Prof’s “How Large Brands Can Scale Social Media

This is really just an announcement about an e-book that is now available, described as “a comprehensive e-book with advice from 30 social media leaders on exactly how to scale social media in the enterprise world.”  With author names like Ann Handy, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer and many others on board, it looks to be a winner.  Grab it while you can!

Convince and Convert‘s “New Research: Social Media ROI is Still a Challenge for 57%

This was actually originally on Danny Brown’s blog back on September 11th, so I guess this is a two-fer.  But since I saw it on Convince and Convert this week, that’s where I’m linking.  I like it for its deep, well-covered list of stats and charts giving us the highlights of a recent study on “The State of Social Media Marketing for 2012″.  Well worth a peruse and for use as a benchmark for your own metrics.  (You are paying attention to your metrics, right?  RIGHT?!?!)



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