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Words That Begin With Other Folks #3

My gift to you!
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Time for another installment of Words That Begin With Other Folks!  Here come seven of the coolest content marketing links of the week, IMHO:

Bit Rebel’s “Traffic Impact of Infographics

I have a fondness for well-made infographics for two reasons: 1) I’m a visual learner and they make a lot of sense to me, and 2) I’m NOT a graphics guy and have little to no ability to create them.  So, for two very good reasons, I love stumbling across high-quality infographics put together by folks who know what they’re doing.

This one’s a bonus because it’s an infographic about infographics and how effective they are from a social media analytics perspective.  Great data and a graphic to boot!

Convince and Convert’s “Is Social Media Creating a Plagiarism Problem?

This one’s near and dear to my heart because, like many of my content marketing colleagues, I write everything: web content, social media, offline copy, journalistic articles, PR, along with fiction and poetry.

In the offline world, the subject of plagiarism has been fairly well defined for over a hundred years, and it’s rare to hear about a respected writer coming under fire for engaging in it.  But as this great post (and the accompanying infographic from Plagtracker) shows, online it’s a completely different story.  And since more than 90% of my income these days comes from material that is either written for or sold online, that hits me right where it hurts most: my wallet.

Conversation Agent’s “Who Do You Write Like?

This one brought my attention to a fun little app at I Write Like that allows you to submit a sample of your writing which it then analyzes and tells you what famous writers your writing resembles.  Using three different samples, I found out I’m like Mark Twain, Cory Doctorow, and James Joyce.  Not bad company to be listed with.

But Valeria takes the concept a step further by discussing the power of language, which really adds a depth to an otherwise fun little link, and the two background posts she links to late in the post are well worth the read also.

TMG Custom Media’s “57 Things to Keep in Mind While Fueling the Creative Spirit

Maybe this isn’t directly related to content marketing, but creativity in general has to be a back-of-the-mind concern for anyone interested in creating stellar content or curating content in a fresh and interesting way.  I found myself pinning a healthy percentage of these artfully produced quotes, maybe you will too!

Inbound Marketing Agent’s “Mastering Twitter for Business

I know, I know, anyone involved with content marketing should, at this point, be more than familiar with Twitter and how to use it effectively for business.  But I was pleasantly surprised with what I was able to learn from this brief, informative article.

For example, one little tip I started using immediately on half my tweets was moving the link up from the end of the tweet to the middle or near the beginning.  I’m purposely using it on half for a week to compare retweet and engagement metrics to see if it really improves things compared to my normal style.  If it does, I’ll change over completely.

Content Mastery Guide’s “Blog Planning 101 – Let Your Senses Guide You

This post puts an interesting sensory twist on the blog planning process, which I’ve found is a difficult thing for my clients to wrap their heads around sometimes.  Many of my clients who either have no blog, or have a neglected blog that’s two years old with six posts on it, can’t quite come to terms with why we’ll need to spend some time (and money) planning things out to make the most of the blog’s potential.  I’m going to use some of the analogies and suggestions in this post to help them, while keeping an eye on my own blog as well.

Brafton’s “Internet Marketing News Roundup

Maybe it seems strange to include someone else’s “top links list” in my own top links list, but I just really appreciated how Joe Meloni crafted his link list into narrative format, telling a more cohesive story than most, including my own.  I’ve seen the same recently from Contently and Convince and Convert, and I think that’s curation at its best.

That’s it for this week!  As always, use the comments section to let me know what I missed!

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