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What the Creators of South Park Understand About Content (That Many “Experts” Don’t)

South Park - Content Marketing SmartsI read a great article today that I just had to talk about.

It’s a New York Times article about Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creative forces behind (among many projects) the South Park franchise.  They’ve basically forged an empire based off the popular purposely-poorly-animated cartoon about foul-mouthed kids who get up to all manner of dickens including ritual killings, racial slurs and other various forms of debauchery.

Now, I’m not condoning or even claiming to like the content.  Fact is, I don’t like it.

But millions upon millions of people do.  And here’s the rub: all low-brow potty humor aside, these guys know exactly how to deliver what their fans want.

Check out this quote from the article:

The success of “South Park” is a stark lesson in the fundamentals of entertainment: if you tell stories that people want to hear, the audience will find you.

This is true no matter how fundamentally the paradigms shift, or how many platforms evolve.

That’s really the key to content marketing, isn’t it?

Tell stories people want to hear.  Make stellar content available, spread it as far and wide as you can, and your audience will grab hold of it and exponentially increase its reach.

There’s really no other explanation for Stone and Parker’s success: they know how to create the kind of content people love, and the people are making them ridiculously rich as a result.

Something to think about…

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