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Problogger readers, you’re a special group.  Thanks for stopping by.

When a blog is growing by leaps and bounds like this one is, it’s sometimes tough to know where to start.

My very first recommendation is to subscribe to my newsletter, More Words That Begin With You so you can receive future posts by e-mail along with a host of other great stuff.  Or via RSS (up above on the right.)  That way you’ll never miss another post, and you’ll start getting a good feel for the blog’s rhythm.

But, there’s something else you should know about me and my blog too.

I’m a Uber-generalist.  Basically, that means I have a number of different passions and talents I’ve melded into one driving force that I like to call my “Holistic Approach to Building my Personal Empire.”  You can read my Uber-generalist Manifesto here to get a better idea of what I mean.

In short, this blog is about writing, because writing is my passion.

But it’s much more than that.  As I discuss in more detail on my About page, I am working hard to support my family doing what I love.  To that end, I’ve developed a broad-ranging skill set that includes copywriting, ghostwriting, speechwriting, public speaking, fiction, poetry and songwriting.  And I’ve built my business, as I’ve built my life, on an over-arching set of guiding beliefs I call Timeless Principles.

So all of these areas are fodder for the blog.

If your interests are more focused than mine, and you’d like to just see the posts specific to each daily topic, here you go:

Sunday: Copywriting and the Spruce Up Your Copy posts

Monday: Timeless Principles

Tuesday: Ghostwriting and the Instant Expert posts

Wednesday: Fiction (my stories and articles about writing fiction)

Thursday: Speechwriting and the Public Speaking University posts

Friday: Poetry and Songwriting

Saturday: Random Thoughts and Spectacular Summaries

I also have created several free information products you may be interested in reading.  The only catch is, they’re only available to newsletter subscribers at this point.  But what the hey, they’re still FREE!

The Freelance Copywriter – a free e-book discussing the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter to improve your marketing communications.

Ten Ways to Spruce Up Your Copy – A special report discussing a ten-step method for infusing passion and power into everything you write.

Instant Expert – A special report discussing how the power of publishing can bring you untold benefits as you become the expert in your field of choice.

There’s enough here to keep you company for a few days, but if you’d prefer to step up to the full buffet, here’s every post I’ve ever published:

1/30/11:  Is Online Copywriting Dead?

1/21/11:  Song Lyric – The Light

1/19/11:  Simplify Your Fiction

1/18/11:  The Pros and Cons of On-Demand Publishing

1/17/11:  What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?

1/17/11:  Should You Specialize as a Niche Blogger?  Or Should You Be a Uber-generalist? (Guest Post at Comluv.com.  Thanks Andy!)

1/14/11:  Song Lyric – So Young

1/13/11:  Can You at Least Make it Look Like You Want to Be There?

1/12/11:  What it Means to Write With Authority

1/11/11:  Five Questions You Need to Ask Your Ghostwriter

1/10/11:  What’s Beyond the Stars?

1/7/11:  Song Lyric – Inside it Burns

1/6/11:  Making Music With Your Words

1/5/11:  Lead With Your Best

1/4/11:  Handling Your Ghostwriter’s Interview Like a Pro

1/3/11:  What it Means to Be Self-sufficient

12/31/10:  2011 Cometh…

12/18/10:  Song Lyric – I Know

12/16/10:  Don’t Be a Blind Guide

12/15/10:  Is Your Novel Idea Compelling to You?

12/14/10:  Preparing to Kill Your Ghostwriter

12/13/10:  Gratitude

12/4/10:  The Uber-generalist Manifesto (Here’s the BIG ONE.  So big, I took a week off after writing it.)

12/3/10:  Poem – Freedom

12/2/10:  Speak Like You Write?

12/1/10:  How Writing Fiction Makes Me a Better Copywriter and Vice-Versa

11/30/10:  Expert 2.0

11/29/10:  What Do Timeless Principles Have to Do With My Writing?

11/28/10:  Brand New Special Report!  Get it FREE!

11/27/10:  I’ve Found My Fearless Why (This one is a big deal. Check it out.)

11/26/10:  Song Lyric – Honesty

11/25/10:  You Have to Look Them in the Eye

11/24/10:  Does Something Happen?

11/23/10:  Obliterating the Glass Ceiling

11/22/10:  Get Over Yourself – Humility and Modesty

11/21/10:  Who Gives a Crap About Another Company Brochure?

11/20/10:  Song Lyric – The Gate

11/19/10:  Poem – Elixir

11/18/10:  What the Heck is Your Point?

11/17/10:  The Writer’s Laxative: Show Up For Work

11/16/10:  Feeding the Beast: A One-step Success Method

11/15/10:  Why is Everyone Making Simplicity so Complicated?

11/14/10:  How to Make Sure They Never Read Your Press Release

11/13/10:  My Social Media Meltdown

11/12/10:  Song Lyric – Discover

11/11/10:  Walking the Tightrope: Highlighting Your Speech’s Theme

11/10/10:  When You’re Writing Fiction, Remember to Play

11/9/10:  Thinking Like a Marketer

11/8/10:  Why You Need to Be Forgiven

11/7/10:  The Simplest Method for Kick-butt E-mails

11/6/10:  Poem – The Spirit’s Fruitage

11/5/10:  Song Lyric – Closer

11/4/10:  Public Speaking University – The Power of Facial Expressions

11/3/10:  Stand Out as a Real Person

11/2/10:  Instant Expert – Expert Blogging

11/1/10:  Timeless Principles – Self-Improvement

10/12/10:  Apologies and a Plea

10/8/10:  Poem – The Wake

10/1/10:  Poem – Training a Puppy

10/1/10:  The Numbskull’s 10-Step Guide to Creating a Seminar (Guest Post on Men With Pens Thanks again, James!)

9/29/10:  Get Over It

9/26/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Know When to Let it Go

9/25/10:  This is the End My Only Friend…

9/24/10:  Poem – Us

9/23/10:  Public Speaking University – If You Have the Questions, They’ll Want the Answers

9/22/10:  Finish Your First Draft

9/21/10:  Instant Expert – What Form Suits Your Function?

9/20/10:  Timeless Principles – Hard Work

9/19/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Trash Your First Draft

9/18/10:  Ridiculous Marketing Gimmicks and the Women Who Love Them

9/17/10:  Song Lyric – Betrayed

9/16/10:  Public Speaking University – What’s Your Problem?

9/15/10:  Write One Inch at a Time

9/14/10:  Instant Expert – So What Do You Do Now?

9/13/10:  Timeless Principles – Honesty

9/12/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – You’ll Feel Dumb, But Read it Aloud

9/11/10:  You Need to Follow These Marketing Tips Going Into 2011

9/10/10:  Poem – As My Wife Reads the Reader’s Digest Aloud

9/9/10:  Public Speaking University – Telling Them a Story

9/8/10:  Is it a Novel or a Story?

9/7/10:  Instant Expert – What if You Hate to Write?

9/6/10:  Timeless Principles – Respect for Authority

9/5/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Now it’s Time to Proofread!

9/4/10:  How to One-Up the Best Blog Post Ever! (Guest post at Dailyblogtips.com.  Thanks again, Daniel!)

9/4/10:  How to Keep Earning Profits in a Down Economy

9/3/10:  The Next Step in Your Freelancing Career (Guest Post on MenWithPens.ca  Thanks again, James!)

9/3/10:  Poem – Afternoon Nap

9/2/10:  Public Speaking University – Starting Off With a Bang!

9/1/10:   Are You Cutting With Shears or a Chainsaw? (Guest Post on DailyWritingTips.com  Thanks much, Daniel!)

9/1/10:  Freebase Fiction

8/31/10:  Instant Expert – Expanding Your Expert Status

8/30/10:  Timeless Principles – Obey Your Parents

8/29/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Trust Your First Draft

8/28/10:  A Day at the Fair

8/27/10:  Poem – Time is a Contortionist

8/26/10:  Public Speaking University – Developing and Speaking From an Outline, Part Three

8/25/10:  Short Story – Mosquitoes

8/24/10:  Instant Expert – How to Write What These Markets Need

8/23/10:  Timeless Principles – Count the Cost

8/22/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Limit or Eliminate Jargon

8/21/10:  Copywriting Camp

8/20/10:  Poem – Two Ugly Pines

8/19/10:  Public Speaking University – Developing and Speaking from an Outline, Part Two

8/18/10:  Writing Fiction – Developing a Character, Part Three

8/17/10:  Instant Expert – Methods, Media and Madness

8/16/10:  Timeless Principles – Long-suffering

8/15/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Write Like You Speak

8/14/10:  A Recommendation and Bragging Rights

8/13/10:  Poem – As a Child

8/12/10:  Public Speaking University – Developing and Speaking From an Outline, Part One

8/11/10:  Writing Fiction – Developing a Character, Part Two

8/10/10: Instant Expert – You’re an Expert Now!

8/9/10:  Timeless Principles – Self-Control

8/8/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Get Excited!

8/7/10:  I am Convinced I am Going Insane

8/6/10:  Poem – Unread Books

8/5/10:  Public Speaking University – How to Prepare a Speech Well

8/4/10:  Fiction – Developing a Character, Part One

8/3/10:  Instant Expert – Niches and Microniches

8/2/10:  Timeless Principles – Mildness

8/1/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Plan Ahead

7/31/10:  The Welcome Video (Don’t miss this one!  It’s killer!)

7/30/10:  Poem – Mystery Unsolved

7/29/10:  Public Speaking University – Improving Your Memory

7/28/10:  Children’s Picture Book – Henry Likes to Fly

7/27/10:  Instant Expert – Narrowing Your Focus

7/26/10:  Timeless Principles – Faith

7/25/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – Think About Your Audience

7/24/10:  Writer’s Block

7/23/10:  Poem – My Favorite Photo

7/22/10:  Public Speaking University – Conquering Stage Fright

7/21/10:  Odd Children’s Story – Vladimir the Agoraphobic Turtle

7/20/10:  Instant Expert – Initial Decision Making

7/19/10:  Timeless Principles – Goodness

7/18/10:  Spruce Up Your Copy – The Key to Copy That Rocks!

7/17/10:  Lessons Learned About Amateur Public Speakers

7/16/10:  Poem – Just Goodnight

7/15/10:  Public Speaking University – The Top 5 Reasons to Improve Your Public Speaking

7/14/10:  Genre Overview – Hard SF (Science Fiction)

7/13/10:  Instant Expert – What Do You Need To Do?

7/12/10:  Timeless Principles – Kindness

7/11/10:  A New Series to Help You Spruce Up Your Copy

7/10/10:  Slight Blog Schedule Update

7/9/10:  Song Lyric – Trust

7/8/10:  An Introduction to the Public Speaking University

7/7/10:  Short Story – The Lake is Quiet Tonight

7/6/10:  How to Become an Instant Expert

7/5/10:  John Lennon Again: We’re Just Trying to Get Us Some Peace

7/4/10:  Long Live the Independent Copywriter!

7/3/10:  My Blogging Inspiration

7/2/10:  Poem: Prelude/War/Epilogue

7/1/10:  What is Speechwriting Worth?

6/30/10:  Trying to Stay Observant

6/29/10:  What is Ghostwriting Worth?

6/28/10:  Is it Possible for You to Experience Joy?

6/27/10:  What is Copywriting Worth?

6/26/10:  Subscribe to My Blog or the Dog Gets It!

6/25/10:  Poem – Winter in New York

6/24/10:  How to Choose a Speechwriter

6/23/10:  Mind-mapping and Outlining

6/22/10:  How to Choose a Ghostwriter

6/21/10:  Did John Lennon Have it Right? All You Need is Love?

6/20/10:  How to Choose a Copywriter

6/19/10:  The Story Behind Random Sample

6/18/10:  Song Lyric – In Song

6/17/10:  Top Five Reasons to Hire a Speechwriter

6/16/10:  A Little “What-If” Session to Generate Ideas

6/15/10:  Top Five Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

6/14/10: Do Unto Others – The Golden Rule

6/13/10:  Top Five Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

6/12/10:  How’s it Going So Far?

6/11/10:  Where do Things Stand With My Poetry and Songwriting?

6/10/10:  Five Things You Need to Know About Writing a Speech

6/9/10:  Works in the Pipe Right Now – and a Few on the Horizon

6/8/10:  Five Things You Need to Know About Ghostwriting

6/7/10:  Why You Have to Take Calculated Risks

6/6/10:  Five Things You Should Know About Copywriting

6/5/10:  Welcome to the New Website!

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