The Eco-friendly RV is Reinventing an American Tradition



From the classic family road trip to a wandering retirement plan, hopping into a recreational vehicle (RV) and hitting the open road has been an offbeat aspect of the American culture for decades now. But it hasn’t exactly been the environment’s best friend. Considering the average motor home had gas mileage in the mid-to-low single digits, and the stereotypical American mantra of “bigger is better” ruled the RV market for many years, the idea of an eco-friendly RV may seem far-fetched.

But times have changed. Today, most major RV manufacturers offer at least one eco-friendly RV option designed to appeal to the growing generation of consumers who want to satisfy their wanderlust in a more sustainable way. And some startups are combining the popularity of the tiny-house movement with mobile-home designs, aiming to satisfy the millennial desire for minimalism in a new way.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Peak, a smart living blog run by SolarCity.

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