How to Explain Google to Your CEO

inbound marketing article


If you’re a marketer working in a busy corporate marketing department, or even if you’re a department of one handling all the marketing efforts for a lean startup, you’re probably well versed in basic search engine optimization (SEO), and particularly how to get value out of the granddaddy of them all: Google.

However, your boss and/or founder, or CEO, may not have the same level of knowledge or appreciation. After all, they have not likely worked hands-on in marketing in the last five years or so, immersed in the efforts to make a brand digitally visible to the world.

But, if you want to have executive support for marketing programs and budgets – and let’s face it, that’s crucial – then you’re going to need to sell your CEO on the efforts you’re putting into SEO and content marketing; the very foundation of which has roots in at least an elementary understanding of Google and using that to your advantage.

So, if you’re unsure how to accomplish that, here’s a brief primer that should come in very handy:

This inbound marketing article originally appeared on the SPROUT Content blog.

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