How Tech Companies Can Get Inbound Marketing Buy-in from Senior Management

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Even now, there’s still a strong contingent of high-level decision makers in many industries who don’t understand or believe in inbound marketing’s ability to enhance the value and efficiency of virtually any organization’s marketing efforts. Especially when compared to more traditional outbound marketing methods that have been used for years.

It seems counterintuitive, but the tech sector is one of those industries. And it’s an especially common issue at older, legacy tech companies that have been innovating in production for decades, but haven’t applied the same attitude or tech savvy toward their marketing efforts.

Although these companies are often on the bleeding edge of what’s possible in their chosen technology niche, leadership may be surprisingly behind the curve when it comes to modern marketing strategies. There’s actually a very good reason for this disconnect, though. It’s not just a matter of tech executives burying their heads in the sand…

This inbound marketing article originally appeared on the SPROUT Content blog.

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