Don’t Get Stuck in a Marketing Time Machine

inbound marketing article


One glaring example of a decision that can keep you stuck in the past is relying heavily on outbound (interruptive) marketing tactics like direct mail, spam email, telemarketing, or traditional advertising. All these methods interfere with your customer’s normal routine and run the risk of irritating them. More often, they’re simply ignored.

On the other hand, inbound (attractive) marketing is much more in line with how the modern consumer’s buying journey plays out: they begin with an internet search, they pursue information, compare prices, check reviews, learn their options, and often come very close to a final decision, before even identifying themselves as potential customers. A robust inbound marketing plan places your brand, your products, and your answers to all their potential questions, right where it needs to be so it can be found by prospects who are searching for what you offer…

This inbound marketing article originally appeared on the SPROUT Content blog. It refers to an inbound marketing ebook that I also wrote.

Starting in January, 2014, I work full time with SPROUT Content, a leading inbound marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado.