B2B Marketing Video is No Longer Just for Awareness

inbound marketing article


In times past, online video was considered an option to get attention and eyeballs on a landing page or content page when text wasn’t converting really well. It was a flashy means of increasing time-on-site and hopefully providing information or entertainment to convince a visitor to dig deeper into what you had to offer.

A little later on, we started to realize that Google was interested in seeing YouTube videos rank high in search results (for obvious reasons) and we started exploring the option of using video for SEO purposes.

Recently, with the popular adoption of video messaging apps like SnapChat, video social apps like Vine, and live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat, the list of options for using video to tell a story continues to expand.

This inbound marketing article originally appeared on the SPROUT Content blog.

Starting in January, 2014, Justin P Lambert works full time with SPROUT Content, a leading inbound marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado.