Holy Cow! Is This Free Webinars for Everyone All the Time?!?!

Now, I realize I don’t understand Google+ really well yet, and I truly believe it’s shaping up differently from Facebook or any number of other sites it was supposedly created to emulate and overtake.  But I read a cool article not long ago at the Content Strategist blog that made me wonder if Google+ was quietly throwing another huge game-changer out there for all of us to gawk at.

Here’s the article: Google+ Hangouts Can Energize Marketing Plans.  It’s just a short, sweet comment piece about the Google+ Hangouts feature, which provides access to a small (10-person or less) video conference option within the Google+ framework.

But here’s the line that blew me away:

“Soon, Google+ will be rolling out Hangouts on Air, which will let anyone live broadcast to an unlimited audience, according to Social Media Examiner‘s Phyllis Kare.”

What?!  Are you serious???  Is Google just off-handedly offering free access to unlimited audience webinars for everyone all the time?

That’s incredible!

That Phyllis Kare article they referenced provides a lot of great information about the Hangouts feature, and it’s well worth a read if you’re as clueless as I am.  But man alive!  If that’s truly what Google’s offering with their new Hangouts-on-air feature, I’m once again renewing my annual membership to the Google Fanboy club!

What do you think?  Is Google about to Wal-Mart the entire paid webinar industry?  Is that a good thing or not?  Let me know below!

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