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You need the power of the written word to make your world better.


By making your product or service absolutely irresistible to your target market.

By skyrocketing your reputation into the stratosphere with the help of some incredible articles and a book written by “YOU”!

By turning your thoughts and feelings into the most powerful speech you’ve ever heard!

Are you ready?Quit messing around with my picture and hire me!

… and I Happen to Know Just the Guy You Need!

He’s no model, but he’s a heck of a writer.

And, fortunately for you, he’s no arteest!

But, for a reasonable fee, he can bring so much value to your project, you’ll wonder how you ever got along before you ran into Justin P Lambert.

See What People Are Saying About Justin P Lambert

Juliet Good said: “Justin has helped numerous small business owners in the Hickory/Newton area…it’s clear that he truly cares about his colleagues and community alike!”
Rebecca Stevenson said: “Justin knows what he is talking about. Be sure to contact him when seeking a true professional.”
Bill Baylis said: “Justin has worked on several projects for me and each time has delivered high quality results. He takes his craft seriously and always returns his work on time. He pays excellent attention to detail saving me time and money. I turn to him to get my important writing jobs done right. He is a gentleman and a true professional.”
Jennifer Sedlak said: “Honesty and integrity are key to any relationship or business, and Justin is just the gentleman to deliver an abundance of both! If you want to deal with a true professional then Justin is the one you need to speak to.”
Roger Phillip said: “It is with great pleasure that I write Justin this recommendation. Justin is an honest, caring individual who will do his best to insure customer satisfaction. He is incredibly intelligent and is an amazing businessperson.”

Martin OToole said: “Justin has a great knowledge in the consulting area and brings a very positive approach to his work.”



Neil Licht said: “Justin is a one stop resource for anything writing, web, blog. He understands how to uncover a prospect’s or client’s issues and can then use his skills as a communicator to gain a strong connection and target specific message with the online world via his clients online presence across the web. Thats a service that can make or break a company’s online reach and Justin is a master at it. Neil Licht”


michael bird said: “Thanks Justin! You obviously are on the cutting edge of professional social networking!”



Marian Petre said: “If you are looking for a professional marketing writer then consider Justin a major asset to your success.”



James Gross said: “If you need someone to write content for your website, blog, newsletter or twitter account, hire Justin P. Lambert.”




Offline Copywriting

  • Headline/Slogan Generation
  • Classified Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Advertorials
  • Direct Mail Sales Letter
  • Direct Mail Components
  • Print Newsletter
  • Company/Product Brochure
  • Annual Report

Online Copywriting

  • Blog Articles
  • Blog Startup
  • Web Sales Letter
  • Landing Page
  • Squeeze Page
  • E-mail Autoresponder
  • E-newsletter


  • Blog articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Press Release
  • Book
  • Speech writing

Content Marketing Packages – these packages offer fully-customizable options for combining the power of the above projects at highly-discounted prices with attractive payment options.  For more information about my content marketing package services, click here.  These are by far the best value programs you can consider if you want to see dramatic improvements in your marketing ROI over the long haul:

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package


Speaking – I can develop a 30-minute keynote address written specifically for your function, or arrange events per day for longer programs designed to fit your needs on the following broad subjects:

  • Public Speaking University: Harnessing the Power of Speaking Like a Professional – A full-blown public speaking course curriculum beginning with the planning and writing of a speech, through the polishing and practice, high-class delivery, and reaping the full benefits of doing so.  Any or all curriculum modules can be prepared.
  • Spruce Up Your Copy: Infusing Passion into Everything You Write – A course detailing how even the most mundane of communications can be enlivened (and therefore made more likely to be read and acted upon) by breathing life into them.  Any or all curriculum modules can be prepared.
  • The Power of Customer-focused Content Marketing – A course explaining the basics of planning, creating and implementing a strategic content marketing program to improve profits, lead generation, reputation and branding efforts over the long haul.  Any or all curriculum modules can be prepared.

Keep in mind, this is not even close to an exhaustive services list.  I’m willing to take on any copywriting, ghostwriting or speechwriting job you have in mind.  If I feel like I can really nail it, I’ll tell you so.  If I feel like it’s going to be a learning experience we’ll need to work through together, I’ll tell you that too.  In all cases, please contact me to discuss the details of your specific project so we can both be sure we know what we’re getting in to!

I really look forward to working with you!

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