Creating a Content Marketing Hurricane!

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Content marketing is not an overnight-success strategy.

One of the reasons it works so incredibly well is that, instead of touching down with brief bursts of power, then disappearing, like a tornado, it builds slowly and steadily like a hurricane.

This, unfortunately, is where most small business owners and independents lose traction.

It’s a lot of work, and at first it may even seem like it’s not accomplishing much. But consider this:

Even the most awe-inspiring hurricane started out as a couple of measly thunderstorms out in the middle of the vast ocean where no one could see them, and where no one would have paid attention if they could.

But as the storms start gathering momentum, combining their forces, picking up moisture and heading toward land, then people start taking notice.

As time goes on, more and more people start noticing the growing power as the storm becomes a tropical depression, then a tropical storm, then a hurricane. Now it’s motivating people to action: they’re boarding up windows, they’re leaving town…

When it finally hits land, there’s an inevitability about it, isn’t there?

That’s exactly how content marketing works.

Slowly but surely, you add awesome content to your mix. At first, it’s just a few measly blog posts out in the middle of the vast online ocean, and no one pays any attention.

But as you keep adding to the mix, guess what happens?

Via social media and good old word-of-mouth, your content starts coalescing, gaining power and gaining momentum.

People start to take notice.

Then, as you keep working your strategy, the storm starts heading toward land and people really start perking up. Your posts are shared, you’re starting to engage with people who like what you have to say, you start building your list of prospects…

By the time your content’s ready to hit land, you have customers raising their hands, ready, willing and able to buy from you because your content storm has hit full hurricane force, and these people who know, like and trust you want to take action.

And that’s a powerful thing.

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