E-Book: Spruce Up Your Copy

Coming in Early 2011!

“Spruce Up Your Copy – Even if it Doesn’t Need It!”

The full course designed to help you infuse passion and power into everything you write!

In all honesty, the book’s not done yet.  I’m not rushing it out to start making money on it and sacrificing quality in the mean time.  But, I also don’t want to string people along either.  That’s why, until the book’s up and ready, I’m taking pre-orders at a ridiculously reduced cost of ONLY ONE DOLLAR!!!!

You read that correctly.  For $1 right now, you can guarantee a copy of the upcoming book which will be selling for $19 when it’s complete, some time early in 2011.

This e-book will work wonders on improving your business communications by infusing passion into even the most mundane project.  Covering, and expanding upon, all the core concepts highlighted in the weekly blog post series, this course is guaranteed to directly impact the power of your writing, boosting your reputation, your income, even your career satisfaction!  Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to turn good writing into great writing in one easy step!
  • How to find the emotion in the driest subject!
  • How to nail a readable conversational tone every time!
  • How to proofread and edit a piece of writing to pull the diamond out of the coal!
  • How to apply the core concepts of the Spruce Up Your Copy system to any of over twenty different specific projects!
  • And far more than I can list here…
  • This course will include a detailed workbook to help you apply the lessons in an easy and powerful step-by-step method guaranteed to improve how you write!
  • I’ll be selling it for $19.  But it’s YOURS right now for only $1!

So get your pre-order in today!  Click “Add to Cart” below, send one measly dollar via PayPal, and save yourself $18, PLUS get a great e-book the moment it comes out!  Do it now!

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