Aaron Rodgers Is the Greatest Content Marketer in the NFL!

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Did you get a chance to watch the Green Bay Packers obliterate the Oakland Raiders this afternoon?

I did, and I have to say, Oakland didn’t do that bad.

They just didn’t do anywhere near what they needed to to compete with Aaron Rodgers and the ridiculously talented Green Bay Packers.

So, of course, I’m sitting and watching this game thinking about content marketing.

Aaron Rodgers: Content Marketer Extraordinaire

What am I talking about?

Simply this:

Content marketing has to do with building up a solid platform of stellar content over the long term, getting your chosen audience to know, like and trust you, and moving them to take action.

By that definition, Aaron Rodgers has done an undeniably awesome job.

Take a look:

Stellar Content

Just so far this season, he’s thrown for 4125 yards, 39 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions.  As a result of this stellar performance in combination with the rest of the offensive weapons he has at his disposal, the Packers have already exceeded their franchise single season scoring record and are now 13-0.

The Packers only have three games left, but it’s possible that Rodgers will break the single-season record for passing yards (5,084 by Dan Marino in 1984), touchdown passes (50 by Tom Brady in 2007), completion percentage (70.6 percent by Drew Brees in 2009) and QB rating (121.1 by Peyton Manning in 2004). — Via Zachary D. Rymer at BleacherReport.com

Yeah.  Wow.

Over the Long Term

Rodgers’ fantastic play goes back further than this season, too.  As does the Packers’ winning streak.

In 2008, he ranked 6th in the NFL passing ranking.  In 2009, 4th.  In 2010, he was 3rd. (And, oh yeah.  He won the Super Bowl.)

And this year?  1st.  By a long shot, too.

He’s been building this legend for years now, and he’s now cemented his place as a Hall of Fame – MVP – Super Bowl – highlight film – caliber superstar in a league that doesn’t give that kind of accolade away easily.

Under the circumstances, praise for Rodgers seems somewhat faint: calling this season M.V.P.-caliber is a little like calling a “Mona Lisa” exhibition worthy. – Via Mike Tanier at the NY Times.

In content marketing terms, I call that a Hurricane.

Getting Your Chosen Audience to Know, Like and Trust You

Have you ever seen the Lambeau Leap?

Green Bay fans are absolutely, well, fanatical about their team.

To say they know, like and trust their quarterback would be just a bit of an understatement.

Aaron Rodgers is God. – Via Packers80 on PackerForum.com

Moving Them to Take Action

There’s no question that Rodgers and the Packers have succeeded at every content marketer’s main goal.

As just one quantifiable example of the loyalty the Packers have engendered, tonight’s game was the 299th straight home game played to a sold-out crowd in Lambeau Field.

Over 18 years.

That’s over 73,000 screaming fans, in the frigid Green Bay temperatures, going absolutely nuts as Aaron Rodgers and the Pack head into week 15.

Or, at the current going rate of between $175 and $546 per seat, we’re talking about over $26 million dollars just in ticket sales next Sunday.

So, Are You an Aaron Rodgers Caliber Content Marketer?

The NFL is a multi-multi-billion dollar business, but when you get right down to it, it’s the superstars who come out there every Sunday and put their all into building their legend that really keeps all of us coming back and feeding that machine.

So, if you’re working on building your own legend, or maybe hoping to create your own multi-billion dollar enterprise, take some lessons from Aaron Rodgers and the other incredible players that make the NFL what it is.

If you’re working on building that stellar platform of exceptional content, keeping the quality high over the long term, focusing on your audience and getting them to know, like and trust you, and moving them to action, you’re getting there.

So don’t give up now!  We haven’t even hit the post season!

Let’s get some cool discussion going on this one: who’s your favorite sports “content marketer”?  What action did they move YOU to take?



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