It's all about communicating efficiently and effectively.


From blog posts to ghostwriting that book that's been in your head for ages, my writing ability can make your thoughts sing on the page.

Public Speaking

As an accomplished public speaker, I'm always available to keynote at any appropriate event. I am also available for symposiums, panel discussions, and virtual events.


As an expert in numerous marketing disciplines as well as communication skills (both verbal and written), I offer one-on-one consultations as well as specially-planned seminar programs.

My Story

My Story

As you can see, I'm just a regular, average guy.

I happen to have been gifted with the ability to speak and write fairly clearly, quickly, and efficiently. Those skills have made me a lot of money, and have advanced my career in ways I couldn't have imagined years ago when I was just writing short stories for fun and faking my way through book reports in Junior High School.

Although I've worked freelance for over 15 years now, I'm also proud to have been a part of the SPROUT Content and Gorilla Group inbound marketing teams for the last four years.

Between my freelance work and my work with these leading agencies, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies and individuals, turning their passion and wisdom into accessible prose that garners attention, changes minds, moves hearts, and generates revenue.

On the side, I also dabble in poetry, essays, short stories, and genre fiction novels, all of which are self-published.

Happy Customers

Excellent customer service isn't just a good idea, it's my entire business model.

Need help getting your thoughts across?

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