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Are you as skeptical as this chihuahua?

Are you as skeptical as this chihuahua?

You’re tired…

Tired of searching for a knowledgeable content marketing specialist who’s more interested in you and your business than in lining his own wallet.

Tired of trying to weed out the actual experts from every joker with a shingle to hang.

Tired of getting sold on rainbows and unicorns, then seeing no ROI.  At all.


Let me make this easier for you…Profile-6

I’m Justin P Lambert, a content marketing specialist that’s been helping companies tell their story for over 12 years now.  My content strategy guidebook, The Content Marketing Hurricane, does an excellent job explaining my successful proprietary methodology.

My rates are reasonable, my experience is wide-ranging, my results speak for themselves.

I want to help you tell your story.

If you don’t currently have a specific content need, that’s ok…

The Words That Begin With You site is absolutely brimming with great educational content covering all your business communication needs.  To get started, choose a category you’re interested in learning more about:

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